Don't be Happy with just Reopening. Stay Reopened.

Everything your Team needs for COVID-19

Track My Exposure for Business gives you the Tools you need to keep your Teams safe during the Pandemic.

Employee Safety

Your employees take our COVID-19 Risk Engine's questionnaire that merges the latest data science for COVID-19 with actionable analytics. By analyzing 5 different categories, we give scores on how safe or risky people are. But as a business you can combine groups and see what weak points should be addressed with additional training.

Event Risk Analysis

With our event management system, you can get playbooks and guidelines on how to keep your events safe. By measuring the Exposure Levels of your attendees across different score brackets, we use data analytics to make COVID-19 logistics even easier.

Organizational Playbooks

Build the playbooks you need for your business. Based off of CDC guidelines, we combine it with the data science needed to know what are the best steps for you to ensure you stay re-opened. Whether it's placing training goals for your employees, or discovering what are recommended commute options, or even with knowing what businesses are on the risk of an outbreak - our playbooks will help you out.

Client Reservation Safety Tools

You can send out shortened questionnaires tailored to your business to your clients. Use that to set up clinic appointments, or to take reservations. You can show your customers that you are taking COVID-19 risks seriously, and to keep your employees safe.

Overview of Everything

With our dashboard, you can organize and see everything you need on a daily basis. With real time data analytics, whenever your employees update their scores, the analysis provided changes too.

Some of Our Features

Real time Data

Multiple Playbooks

Unlimited Client Users


90 Day History

Event Risk Management

Cross-Platform Access

Consumer Liaison

Secure Platform

"We ask our employees state mandated questions, but we don't feel like that's enough to make sure the business can keep on going. All it takes is one bad case of COVID-19 and we'd be out of business."

Charles / Restaurant Owner

"I want to make my clients feel comfortable so I ask them the questionnaire before they come in. I also clean vigorously between each client. This helps keep everyone feeling safer."

John / SMall Business Owner

"This would be great to help people manage what they should do or not. Especially, given that I see a lot of COVID-19 patients who had recently eaten at restaurants."

Mark / Doctor

"We ask our patients to fill out the questionnaire before coming into the clinic. That way we can make sure none of our employees get sick."

Susan / Clinician